giovedì 31 luglio 2014

RaspberryPi Webcam Server

Plugin a USB Webcam

Install the webcam server
sudo apt-get install motion
Edit the configuration file /etc/motion/motion.conf
daemon on
output_normal off
ffmpeg_cap_new off
webcam_localhost off
Edit /etc/default/motion to enable daemon service
start_motion_daemon = yes
Start motion
sudo service motion start 
Now you can open the streaming at raspberry address on 8081 port (http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8081)
ATTENTION! Try different browsers since it doesn't work on my laptop's Chrome


You can embed the streaming on your custom page adding the following line
<img src="http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8081" />
where xx.xx.xx.xx is the raspi address. ( doesn't work - I don't know why!)

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